Hot sausage & mustard!!!  If you don’t recognize this, they are the lyrics from a song from Oliver.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

We look happy in this photo, don’t we?  That’s because it’s before we’ve entered the restaurant!  Going out to eat should be fun, don’t you think?  A celebration of sorts.  But for us, it rarely is….  We were on the Perfect Chicken Finger Caper!  Applebee’s chicken fingers are no good….  Various other restaurants’ chicken fingers were no good…. The only thing that passes muster for him are McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Let me set the scene…. Imagine a warm spring night in Florida.  The atmosphere is festive – there’s a band playing in the distance – there are twinkle lights all around – and we are looking forward to a delicious meal and full-bodied glass of wine.  We are on March Break in Sandestin, Florida and we’re taking out my parents to thank them for the occasional babysitting that they did while we were there (so Brian and I (he’s the spousal unit) could enjoy the occasional meal out alone and round of golf).

We are fortuitously seated at the back of the restaurant in a semi-private room.  Did they see us coming?  Do they know something we do?  haha  We get drinks and look at the menu. We ask about the kids’ menu.  The waiter explains that they use only the finest, organic chicken, which is then hand-breaded.  They have a gourmet, homemade chutney to go with.  We order the chicken fingers, plain spaghetti (no butter), and please, please, don’t add any garnishes to the plate or the game is up!!!  We ordered something slightly fancier for ourselves and my parents….

When the food came, you guessed it!!!!  Not only is there the fancy chutney stuff, but a SPRIG OF PARSLEY on the plate!!!!  “THIS IS YUCKY!!!!” yells Henry.  I think the patrons at the far end of the Intrawest village heard him.  So — we are onto Plan B.  There is always a Plan B.  Brian and I eat in shifts – and we doggy-bag most of the dinner to take home.

Henry eats Cheerios when we get back to the condo…. and is happy as a pig in s–t….


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