Why Now?


Why not earlier – when Henry was younger?  Certainly my recollections would have been much clearer, my emotions that much more raw and real, if you will….

Firstly, Al Gore and I had not invented the internet yet…. (hahaha).  At the time, I kept a “Gratefulness Journal”… remember those?  Sometimes I was very grateful for a bottle of wine in the larder!  I was so immersed and consumed with getting through each day that reaching out to a wider audience did not even occur to me.  How could I help others when I had no idea what the hell I was doing?!

I have been thinking about doing this blog for about 2 years.  I held back because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to relive it all.  It was a confusing, frustrating, heartbreaking (sometimes) and utterly draining (sometimes) experience.  It was also joyful, fulfilling and one of the happiest times of my life.  I absolutely loved being a stay at home Mom (or domestic goddess, or work without pay technician – although Brian would dispute the pay bit…)  I had also been fearful about being “responsible” for others’ problems or experiences….  There are so many out there whose situations are so much more bleak than mine ever was.  But – I can only hope that some story or tip that I might be able to pass on might help someone who is going through a similar experience.  I had a support system – my husband, my friends who “got it”, and intermittent help from my family.  What if you don’t?

You may have noticed that many of my stories have a humorous tilt to them.  First of all, I tend to see the funny in many situations – but – and this is a big but – I’m able to laugh at a lot of these old stories because I now know how the story has turned out.  Henry is doing very well – we are still married – and we didn’t damage our other child irrevocably in the process (at least, I don’t think we did – I guess we’ll find out if he’s going to therapy in his 30’s….)

Please let anybody know about this little blog if they are struggling with a challenging child.  Who knows… it might help!


4 thoughts on “Why Now?

  1. Karen Melnick

    Christie… I am so inspired by your blog. As someone who has known you for a very long time, I know how much you will be able to offer others. You are insightful, are a strong advocate for Henry, will go to the ends of the earth for him (and sometimes have), have maintained a sense of humor when nothing seemed very funny, and are talented with the pen! xoxo Karen

    1. christieacker1 Post author

      Thank you, my oldest BFF!! I think with the acquisition of years (a nice way of saying getting older), you realize that everybody is dealing with something… My “something” has been very challenging at times, but I’m very fortunate compared to so many others. Henry has been, and continues to be, an amazing gift.

  2. Joanne Quinn

    This is awesome Christie…heartfelt, humorous and definitely informative for others. You have been telling us these stories for years and to see them in print for others to read and share is wonderful. I have two questions for you…Yes, 1. Why did you wait so long??? and 2. Why do you mess around with all those other art forms…you are an amazing writer!
    Henry is a very special guy…unique, funny and very bright…he is a lucky man to have you as you are to have him.

    1. christieacker1 Post author

      Thank you my friend – and to answer your questions… #1 – I waited because I felt this was a big responsibility to do it correctly – with sensitivity and humour. It might have taken the passage of time to get to the humour!! And to answer # 2 – I don’t know!!! I think when you are creative, you don’t choose to do it or not – you have to do it!!! So, whether it’s writing, painting, scrapbooking, gardening or cooking – I’m compelled! Keep reading my friend!


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