Something Wicked This Way Comes….



I’ve been hacked!  I feel so violated!  What a total pain in the neck – and no – I am not currently trapped in Kiev with no money to get home.  AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Left Brain warned me some time ago about hitting links on benign looking emails.  It’s not that I don’t heed his advice (haha – he would probably dispute this).  Let me set it up…  Henry turned 19 a week ago.  My parents wanted to send him something and of course, he is living in residence now.  I sent him an email requesting his address – which I think I’ve done once before in our lifetime (sent him an email, that is).  Anyways, he sent me back a reply with a YouTube link.  Bizarre, you say?  So did I.  But Henry can be bizarre…  So I hit the link.  Oops!

So now I’ve been compromised.  What’s the moral of this story?  Don’t be a doofus and hit links mindlessly.  And I still don’t have his address…


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