Peace in the Universe (Part 2)…

So, I didn’t really think there was going to be a second instalment to this story, but there is!  After our uber-successful shopping expedition, I went on the hunt for more of these fabulous undergarments!  And so, last Saturday, I made my way to the Shwa to deliver the goods.

Saxx Success!!

Saxx Success!!

Of course, no visit would be complete without the accompanying


The little rotter met me downstairs at the car, took the bag of underwear (plus his gloves, scarf, and too smallish winter jacket), and the box of pizza.  A big hug curb side and off he went.  That was the visit….  However, he did have a smile on his face…


2 thoughts on “Peace in the Universe (Part 2)…

  1. Doug Cowdrey

    Truly lol, we identify! He is predictable, like EVERY time Joe my nephew comes in for teeth, “Unca doug I gotta file down those sharp ones NO Joe NO NO ( I used to say it like 35-40 times!), and I will have 5 loonies out on my desk for his bus ride home “well you know unca doug I spent all myam a little short…however I will NEVER give it to him until a full accounting is done>
    Your blog is awesome, inspiring, not to say the least funny!


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